About Us

We are a neighborhood favorite restaurant. We have been business in the Memphis area for over 20 years. We support the local community and love our city. The lunch stop for business or family time. A dinner invitation no one passes up. Great prices, food quality and friendly service for our restaurant guest.

La Hacienda puts down roots in the communities we serve. We strive to integrate ourselves into the fabric of the neighborhood by providing employment, establishing relationships and participating in civic life. Our guests, after all, have plenty of dining options, and the least we can do is repay their loyalty with ours.

La Hacienda is a complex organization with a very simple mission: to create extraordinary experiences through hospitality that will last a lifetime. It is important as what we do, is why we do it. Every day we will come together to help achieve our purpose, which is to “Serve, and Exceed.”In order to execute our mission and realize our purpose, we have created a culture with four foundational pillar

Our guests deserve the best possible experience. To perform at this level – every time, without exception – La Hacienda will focus on operational readiness and efficiency. We sweat every detail and we ensure that our team members have the tools necessary to do their job. We have set the expectation high in every market with the belief that no detail is too small. For a restaurant to be successful it not only has to offer delicious cuisine, but the entire dining experience has to come full circle. From the savory aromas that even fill the outside air, to the knowledgeable and gracious staff, to the warm ambiance and flavorful dishes using homemade ingredients, the experience at Salud starts from the moment our guests arrive in the parking lot.”
We believe in hiring the best people and empowering them to perform to their full potential. Honesty, morale fiber, and integrity guide every action and underlie every policy. We train extensively, provide meaningful opportunities for advancement and cultivate an “underdog mentality” that prevents us from ever resting on our laurels.